World’s most and least honest travelers are …

World’s most and least honest travelers are …

A new survey finds the nationalities most and least likely to steal from hotels -- if we trust what they say
Checking out.

How honest a traveler are you?

And how honest were you when answering that question?

Those are just two things to think about when looking over a recent poll from, which found that Danes are highly unlikely to steal from hotels, while Colombians will often check out with more that they checked in with.

“While we all love that holiday feeling, it seems travelers in some countries are taking this a bit too far by removing a wide variety of items from their hotel room to take home with them,” said Alison Couper, senior director global communications at

The survey asked 8,600 people from 28 countries and cities about their holiday thieving.

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Some 88% of travelers from Denmark said they have never taken anything they shouldn’t from a hotel room, while 43% of Colombians said the same.

Brazilians were the most honest South Americans polled, Hong Kongers the most honest Asians and Canadian Quebecers the most honest from North America, all tied in fourth place at 81%.

Just behind Italians and Russians, Taiwanese tied with South Koreans in ninth place -- 78% said they never removed anything they shouldn't.

The United States and China tied in 23rd place with 66% of tourists from both countries saying they never pilfer.

The most commonly taken items are magazines and books according to the report. Some nationalities prefer linens and towels, while the Chinese prefer to help themselves to furnishings, such as lamps, clocks and artwork.

Hotels take security seriously enough to invest significantly into devices such as secure key cards and CCTV. Some even plant RFID chips in their towels and robes.

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Most honest travelers

Percent who say they've never pocketed hotel property:

1. Denmark 88%
2. Netherlands 85%
3. Norway 84%
4. Brazil 81%
4. Canada (Quebec) 81%
4. Hong Kong 81%
7. Italy 80%
8. Russia 79%
9. Taiwan 78%
9  South Korea 78%
11. Argentina 77%
11. Singapore 77%
13. Ireland 75%
14. UK 74%
15. Switzerland 73%
15. New Zealand 73%
15. Japan 73%
15. Finland 73%
19. Germany 72%
19. Australia 72%
21. France 71%
22. Canada (excluding Quebec) 70%
23. United States 66%
23. China 66%
25. Sweden 65%
26. Spain 64%
27. India 62%
28. Mexico 60%
29. Colombia 43%

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