More women-only days announced for Dubai beach parks

More women-only days announced for Dubai beach parks

But dress code regarding bikinis remains in place
Women-only beaches in Dubai are meant to promote physical activity. Oh well.

Men were turned away from one of Dubai's popular beaches on Sunday under new "women-only" regulations.

The Dubai Municipality has launched more women-only days at the emirate's top beach parks, popular with families and tourists for the stretches of sand and connecting gardens that can all be accessed with a small entry fee. 

Under the new decree, Jumeirah Beach Park and Al Mamzar Beach Park are setting aside two days each week -- Monday and Wednesday at Jumeirah, Sunday and Tuesday at Al Mamzar -- as women-only days. 

The only males allowed in are those under the age of four. Even the lifeguards and park staff will be female on those days, reported Dubai daily newspaper Khaleej Times

"The move is part of the civic body’s plan to make the leisure destinations more women-friendly to encourage them into more physical activities and keep fit," said the Times report.

Monday was already a women-only day at Jumeirah Beach Park and the Dubai Municipality's decision to add more was a result of positive feedback from female customers.

Bikinis remain tightly controlled

Men must head to the open beach areas away from the enclosed parks. 

Note to female foreign tourists: bikinis remain subject to a strict dress code and are limited to the beach areas only. 

The Municipality also separated areas by activity. There are now designated beach areas for barbecuing, sun-bathing and other activities. 

Designated spaces for ladies is an ongoing trend in the city. 

Last year, the emirate's first women-only dance night --  launched as an event to allow Arab women to "let their hair down" -- was held at the Gloria Hotel, while a number of Dubai hotels including the Tamani Hotel Dubai Marina and the Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel have opened ladies-only floors. 

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