Coolest bridge ever? Trampoline across the Seine

Coolest bridge ever? Trampoline across the Seine

This rather hazardous prize-winning Paris bridge design is "dedicated to the joyful release from gravity"
river Seine
But how will everyone keep a hold on their baguettes and berets? (image courtesy Atelier Zündel Cristea)

We could cross the river Seine on a regular ol' stone bridge. Or, we could dream up the most whimsical -- and consequently difficult -- way of crossing Paris' main artery, transforming the commute into something extraordinary. 

Design firm Atelier Zündel Cristea opted for the latter. They conceptualized a bridge for the river Seine made up of humungous floating trampolines.

As the design firm puts it, the bridge is "dedicated to the joyful release from gravity." 

Imagine: three donut-shaped PVC structures filled with 3,700 cubic meters of air. In the center of each of these giant life preservers is a trampoline measuring 30 meters in diameter.

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river SeineThe prize-winning bridge design from Atelier Zündel Cristea. (courtesy Atelier Zündel Cristea) These floating bouncy platforms are twisted to form arches and attached together with cord to form a bridge connecting the banks of the river Seine.

Stairs at either end allow access to the trampoline bridge, with a slide option for people who need to descend in a rush.

The design came third in an Archtriumph competition for ideas for new crossings on the river Seine. The Seine already has 37 bridges.

This bridge sounds like the best idea ever, right? But points out: 

"This is a terrible, terrible idea ... it'll never happen, because people would sue the berets off of anyone who put it up for the injuries that would ensue, but, wow, I want this to be real." 

Coming in first place for the competition is the "Water At-traction" design by bureau faceB. It is a bridge made of steel cables that wobbles when people walk on it, to give pedestrians a sense of the movement of water on the river Seine. 

Trampolines sound more fun.

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