Author: Tracy You

Tracy You is a bilingual journalist based in London and has worked for several publications including as an editor for CNN Travel.

She earned a Bachelor's degree from Shanghai International Studies University's Journalism and Communications College, majoring in advertising. She worked in the media industry in Shanghai for more than seven years before moving to London.

Born and bred in Shanghai, she loves the city's super delicious chou dou fu (stinky tofu) and, following local tradition, strolling around the city in her pajamas.

She's a fan of history, British TV and Wii Guitar Hero. Her most unforgettable dining experience was eating in China’s first-ever KFC in 1989, on the Bund of all places, where she hated the mashed potato but loved the little round bread rolls.

She wishes that one day she could wake up and see the lively "longtang" (Shanghainese lane) she grew up in one more time.

As well as previously working as CNN Travel's Shanghai-based editor, Tracy worked for Rodeo, a European fashion and lifestyle magazine, Xinmin Bella, a Chinese women’s weekly and City Weekend magazine, a fortnightly English publication in Shanghai.

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