Zipping across the ocean at the Setouchi International Arts Festival

Zipping across the ocean at the Setouchi International Arts Festival

Japanese artist Yasuhiro Suzuki dreams of unzipping the sea in his new boat
zipper boat
Opening up the ocean: Suzuki's zipper boat on a trial run

30-year-old Japanese artist Yasuhiro Suzuki has fulfilled a year-long ambition to unzip the sea with a unique taxi-boat running from Takamatsu to Megijima, also known as Devil's Island, near Takamatsu City in Kagawa, Japan.

Part of the inaugural Setouchi International Arts Festival, which runs 100 days from Marine Day on July 19 through to October 31, 2010, the boat is designed to create waves as if the ocean is opening behind it. Currently undergoing tests of stability on Japan's Seto Inland Sea, according to the festival website, it will be available for reservations soon. The festival features 75 artworks and projects as well as 16 events from representatives of 18 countries and regions aimed at bringing back vitality to the once thriving small communities on the islands around the sea, which in recent times have been neglected as the younger generations move to the cities.

Suzuki has previously had his works presented in museums and exhibitions in Germany, Spain, Israel, Austria and Italy.


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