Survey shows Japan still top Asian travel spot

Survey shows Japan still top Asian travel spot

Visa brings welcome news for post-March 11 tourism to Japan
Tokyo Tower
Japan is still a top destination for tourists from across Asia.

Usually, when anything from a credit card firm hits our desk, we groan and file it in a drawer marked “Someday,” however the latest communication from Visa had us pleasantly surprised, bringing with it some very tourism-positive news for Japan.

The contents were the results of a survey the firm carried out earlier this year to establish the travel intentions of more than 10,000 people around the world.

Quake had little effect

Among the takeaway points was the result that travelers from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Thailand want to visit Japan more than any other Asian destination.

Because the survey was taken before the March 11 earthquake, Visa conducted extra polls afterwards, finding that little or nothing had altered respondents’ travel wishes.

United States still global leader

Overall, the United States was still the country most people hope to visit, notching 20 percent of first choices. Close behind in the global stakes were the United Kingdom (19 percent) and Japan (16 percent).

In Asian terms, though, Japan was a clear winner -- 57 percent of Taiwanese, for example, placed it at the top of their wish lists. Around half of the people surveyed in Thailand and Hong Kong said the same.