Finally: Same-day Tokyo Skytree tickets on sale

Finally: Same-day Tokyo Skytree tickets on sale

With early-bird reservations and VIPs up and down already, Joe Public gets his foot on the first step
Tokyo Skytree
The wait starts here. Tokyo schoolkids cool off as the line for the Skytree grows.

It took almost two months, but the average man or woman in the street can finally rock up to Tokyo Skytree, buy a ticket and scale the capital’s all-conquering tourist attraction on a whim.

The newfound freedom comes after tower operator Tobu finally allowed sales of same-day tickets from July 11.

As of 8 a.m. on the first day of the new regime, more than 400 people were lined up outside the Skytree, many having waited overnight to get the first of the ¥2,500 (US$31.50) tickets.

That outlay got them to the 350-meter observation deck; another ¥1,000 granted level-up access to the 450-meter stage.

Once up there, they joined the ranks of the 640,000 who reserved places early and have already climbed the tower since it opened on May 22.

Not right now

Reactions on Japanese blogs and Twitter to the “everyman” tickets were generally positive.

“I’ve been waiting for this forever,” said one man, who added that he’d be “buying a ticket soon.”

“Can we really get in, given such long lines?” asked another.

With a limit of 10,000 entries per day, it seems likely that everyone will squeeze in -- if the weather permits.

But -- as of early Thursday morning Tobu said the Skytree elevators would remain closed to visitors until further notice, due to high winds sweeping the Kanto region. Looks like the wait goes on.

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