Worry no more -- the Japanese toilet experience has gone portable

Worry no more -- the Japanese toilet experience has gone portable

Because paper just isn't enough, Toto has made a carry-on water-spray device

Lending new meaning to the term "bum rush," Japanese toliet maker Toto has developed a gadget for travelers who can't live without their water-spray toilet while away from home.

Costing ¥7,980 and weighing 249 grams -- the typical Japanese phone weighs about 245 grams -- the new Travel Washlet is designed for easy-carrying.

The handheld Travel Washlet was recently tested out on Fuji TV by locals and travelers in Asakusa. 

Most were preplexed -- only one in three Japanese correctly guessed how to use it.

One tourist on Fuji TV reported that the Washlet was "not something our society would use." Several young men from Australia who gave it a test spray, however, seemed quite pleased with the results.

The Travel Washlet can hold 180 milliters of water, compared with 190 milliliters in a typical can of coffee. Its single battery ensures 23 seconds of reassuring spray.

Together with the portable Princess Sound developed by Osaka toy company Runa last year to cover un-princess-like toilet noises, it's now possible to take the Japanese toilet experience with you wherever you go.

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