Book your ticket for the Tokyo Skytree

Book your ticket for the Tokyo Skytree

Group reservations open already, but you’ll have to wait until next summer to start climbing
Tokyo Skytree
The only way is up -- well, your ticket will get you just over halfway up the Skytree.

If you’re one of those annoyingly well-prepared people who likes everything lined up just-so and well in advance, then warm up your credit card and mark May 22, 2012 in your diary for a trip up the Tokyo Skytree.

That’s because Japan’s newest tourist attraction has just started accepting reservations for a ride up the 634 meters of the world’s tallest tower when it opens on that date.

Actually, that’s not strictly accurate -- a ¥2,000 ticket will get visitors to the first observation deck, which is a mere 350 meters above the earth.

Group bookings only

There is an option to pay more to fly higher -- to the 450-meter second deck -- but that has to be paid for on the day of your visit.

You’ll also need to wrangle together some friends with a head for heights, as the initial reservations are only for groups of 25 or more. Individuals have to bide their time until March 22 to book tickets.

The old-school way

If that’s all clear, then you’ll be ready to join the hundreds who’ve already booked. Skytree operator Tobu Railway said more than 300 groups were quick off the mark, making reservations for a May ascent within two hours of the lines opening.

It’s particularly impressive considering they all had to do so by fax -- yes, the first paying visitors to one of the world’s most impressive architectural feats were allowed in only through the magic of the facsimile machine. That’s Japan all over, we reckon.

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