Boeing Dreamliner: How was your flight?

Boeing Dreamliner: How was your flight?

The 787 has made its first trip, from Tokyo to Hong Kong, with passengers aboard -- here's what they had to say

Boeing Dreamliner 787The Dreamliner landed in Hong Kong to be greeted by -- what else? -- a pack of lion dancers.

Insiders say it’ll change both the aviation business and the experience of long-haul flying, but how was the maiden commercial flight of Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner received yesterday by those onboard?

ANA’s flight NH7871 landed in Hong Kong on Wednesday afternoon, three hours after it left Tokyo’s Narita airport, bringing with it 240 passengers, all with an opinion about the new “future of flying.”

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CNN’s Andrew Stevens, a self-confessed “plane spotter,” appeared particularly impressed by three aspects on the new 787 -- the larger windows with adjustable tint, the high cabin ceiling and the toilet with a view.

Not all rosy

However, he still felt the economy-class cabin was a little cramped and couldn’t see the new aircraft making a great deal of difference on longer flights.

Check out the video below for his full in-flight report, including a porthole on the world from that mile-high convenience.

Others on the inaugural flight found different attractions.

Cabin air that’s kept at a higher pressure and more humid than in older craft won fans. “My skin usually gets very dry when flying and I have to put [moisturizer] on every hour or two,” said Kiyoko Furusho.

“My ears don’t pop on this plane,” said Tomoko Monjugawa. “It’s very comfortable and it feels good on my skin as well.”

Shape-shifting wings

Journalist Justin McCurry of “The Guardian” was struck by the high-tech malleable wings of the Dreamliner.

“But perhaps the most striking feature,” he reported, “was the curved, aerodynamic design of the wing tips, made possible by the use of carbon composites.

“The material is much thinner than before, and its camber can be varied during cruising for greater efficiency.”

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He also spoke with a paying customer, Noriyuki Kawano, who enthused, “I've been waiting for so long to do this, I can barely believe I'm here."

Whether or not he was referring to the three-year delay in delivering the first Dreamliner, he didn’t say.