The joys of the Japanese bathroom

The joys of the Japanese bathroom

Architects Bakoko on the ingenious design of Japanese bathrooms -- talking panels and all

In a recent blog post, Tokyo-based architectural firm Bakoko writes about what the West could learn from Japanese bathroom design.

Between the automatic oidaki heating, to the idea of a shower room ideal for male shaving, to the control panels communicating in a pleasant female voice, the ingenious people charged with designing Japanese bathrooms have perfected the style and comfort of personal hygiene.

While the importance of bathing in Japanese culture has informed the development of the bathroom, functionality and simplicity are overarching themes. Bakoko is even impressed with the technological feat of the all-in-one unit bath, which is normally considered an inferior alternative to the traditional bathroom set up.

The only problem with reading these kinds of articles is the subsequent desire to immediately jump into a hot Japanese bath -- especially on these cold winter days. Sorry, gotta go, my talking panel just let me know the water is optimum temperature...

Preview image from Bakoko's Alatown blog.


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