Want to get out of Tokyo? Go Nowhere

Want to get out of Tokyo? Go Nowhere

Down in Hayama, rent the Nowhere luxury design house for a week of glorious social isolation
Nowhere resort
A row of sliding doors at the back of the house lets the sea breeze waft through.

Glitzy urban hotels are 'luxury,' I guess, but c'mon, there are still staff and other guests to ruin the fantasy of seclusion. If you really want to flee tumultuous Tokyo living, take a train -- or better, hire a car -- to Nowhere Resort down in Hayama.

Designed by Yasutaka Yoshimura, Nowhere Hayama is a fully-furnished, full-sized Japanese house in Hayama -- a delightful resort town less than two hours from Tokyo. The house offers calming sea views on the Miura Peninsula, easy access to the beach and a hot tub. On a clear day, Mt. Fuji is in direct sight. Nowhere's version of luxury resides not in over-the-top glamour but in the discerning simplicity of traditional Japanese aesthetics.

Most importantly, you get to rent the entire Nowhere Hayama house, which means no bell-boys or other luxury travellers to threaten your quest for peace.

The house’s eight rooms, however, may start to evoke "The Shining" after a few days, so maybe it's best to use Nowhere Hayama to host a birthday party or other special event. A catering service provided by 3Knot can be arranged, or a private chef can cook for your guests.

The price for going Nowhere: ¥492,000 for six nights during high season, which drops to a bargain ¥348,000 during 'value season.' (This does not include an 8% 'facilities management fee.') Nowhere also rents resort homes in nearby Zushi and in Sajima.