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Une Nana Cool: Skivvies that aren’t skeevy

Une Nana Cool: Skivvies that aren’t skeevy

Slough off the monstrosities that pass for lingerie in Japan and step into something a little more comfortable.
Udagawa-cho 16-14, Shibuya-ku +81 (0)3 5784 0250
11:30am-9pm (hours vary by location)
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Une Nana Cool
I see London, I see France, I see a lot of wholesome underwear on sale for reasonable prices.

Underwear shopping is never pretty. The majority of what’s on offer seems suited for someone either six or sixty years old. The rest of it looks like it comes from a low-end bordello supplier. Each piece is beribboned and bedecked to within a centimeter of its life, festooned with meters of tacky lace and padded to holy hell.

Enter Une Nana Cool. This shop is short on ruffles and long on lovely, simple designs. They feature smooth, soft lines, gorgeous, imaginative patterns and classy details -- including a range of sweet appliqués that can be added to your delicates in store.

Pick up one of the ubiquitous Une Nana Cool point cards to earn free gear, and smile in secret delight that your unmentionables are so beautiful.