What was hot in Japan in 2010?

What was hot in Japan in 2010?

Advertising giant Dentsu reveals its hit 'products' of the year, and predicts what will be big in the next 12 months
What was hot in Japan in 2010?
Smartphones have sweeped Japan... where they took time to take hold.

Japan's "consumer mindset" has been exposed for another year by Dentsu -- Japan's largest advertising agency -- with the release of their top 20 Hit Products list.

taberu raayuA spicy oil turned popular food.The survey carried out in November used a system called Dentsu Buzz Research to analyze word of mouth "buzz" in Internet blogs and asked respondents to rate "recognition," "have/had interest," and "is/was popular" from 130 items.

It also included a prediction for the top 20 products for 2011.

While it may be no surprise that the smartphone topped the list, some of the trends that swept the country came high.

Most notable was taberu raayu, formerly a spicy oil to go with soy sauce for gyoza but now including garlic and other ingredients so it can be added on rice.

Tech products feature strongly, while the power of TV dramas helped figures dead and alive boost their profile.

2011's predictions meanwhile are heavy on new technology.

Top 20 hit products 2010

No. 1: Smartphones

No. 2: Twitter

No. 3: Munchable chili oil (taberu raayu)

No. 4: Digital broadcasting-equipped flat-panel TVs

No. 5: Ryoma Sakamoto (1836-1867; popular historical figure whose profile was raised by TV Drama "The Legend of Ryoma")

No. 6: International flight services at Haneda Airport

No. 7: Tokyo Sky Tree

No. 8: Eco-point energy-saving home appliances

No. 9: 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa

No. 10: LED light bulbs

No. 11: “B-grade” local gourmet food (inexpensive food in a casual setting)

No. 12: Akira Ikegami (journalist and commentator)

No. 13: Domestic fast fashion brands (low prices brands like UNIQLO)

No. 14: GeGeGe’s Wife (TV drama based on the 2008 autobiography by Nunoe Mura, the wife of manga artist Shigeru Mizuki, known for his manga character GeGeGe no Kitaro, a ghost boy who saves the world from evil spirit monsters)

No. 15: 3D movies, TV, cameras and other 3D products

No. 16: Hybrid vehicles

No. 17: Imported fast fashion brands (21 Forever, H&M etc.)

No. 18: AKB48 (48-member all-girl idol group)

No. 19: Tablet information devices

No. 20: Yoichi Watanabe (war photographer and popular talk-show guest)

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Dentsu's predictions for what will be big in 2011

No. 1: Tokyo Sky Tree

No. 2: LED light bulbs

No. 3: Electric vehicles

No. 4: International flight services at Haneda Airport

No. 5: Smartphones

No. 6: 3D movies, TV, cameras and other 3D products

No. 7: Hybrid cars

No. 7: E-book readers

No. 9: Discount airline tickets

No. 10: Tablets

No. 11: Home solar power systems

No. 12: Digital broadcasting-equipped widescreen flat-panel TVs

No. 13: Compact data communication devices

No. 14: Home fuel cell (clean energy) systems

No. 15: Group purchase coupons

No. 16: Bread and sweets made with rice powder

No. 17: Blade-less electric fans

No. 18: Cloud computing (including related books)

No. 18: B-grade local gourmet food

No. 20: Alcohol-free beer-like beverages

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