The Tokyo Monsoon Survival Guide

The Tokyo Monsoon Survival Guide

These specialty items will have you singin’ in the rainy season
6 gadgets to help you survive Tokyo's monsoon season
June showers bring... uh, more showers.

There’s no escaping it. Today marks the official start of rainy season, according to the Japan Meteorological Agency. Of course, the usual umbrellas, raincoats, and boots are indispensible partners in the nation’s quest to make it through the deluge. But this being Japan, there’s a whole array of gadgets both high-tech and not-so-high-tech to help you dodge a drenching... Or just make your life just a little more comfortable during the stickiest, wettest time of year!

Tokyo Monsoon GadgetsDehumidifying Coat Hangers

2,980 yen

Wet shirt or jacket? Just hang ‘em and forget about ‘em! This silica gel filled coat hanger sucks up moisture to protect your precious togs from dampness and mold. When it fills up, just zap the hanger in a microwave to regenerate the dehumidification pack.






Tokyo Monsoon GadgetsEco Shoe Driers

3,100 yen

That rainforest-level humidity level inside your footwear this time of year is a breeding ground for germs that cause the dreaded stink-shoe. But no problem: these handy shoe-shaped dehumidifiers dry them right out, complete with moisture indicator to show just how damp it was in there. While they lose points for using the already overused “eco” in their product’s name, the plug-in drying function’s pretty handy. Or is that “footy”?





Tokyo Monsoon Gadgets

Neem Tree

890 yen

While this might at first glance look like the sort of plant that possessing could well get you deported, never fear. It’s a perfectly legal seedling of an Indonesian plant called a “Neem.” It contains natural substances that repel the sorts of unwelcome pests that flourish in these humid months, like mosquitoes, flies, and cockroaches.




  Tokyo Monsoon GadgetsCube Umbrella Stand

3,900 yen

Umbrella stands are a ubiquitous sight in Tokyo, but why go with a dowdy old wire basket model? These colorful resin stands are designed to be mixed and matched to let you brighten up your rainy days.






Tokyo Monsoon Gadgets

“FBI” Rain Coats and Pants for Dogs

2100 yen and up

Who says raincoats are just for people? Besides, it wouldn’t do to let your precious pup catch a cold in the rain. Just don’t get surprised when your neighbors start barking about how your dog’s a federal agent!







Tokyo Monsoon GadgetsLuminous LED Umbrellas

1480 Yen

Wake up: time to dry. Looking suspiciously like the props that appeared in a certain famous sci-fi movie that is endlessly compared to Tokyo, this series of illuminated umbrellas sold out instantly when they debuted online. Now you'll have to track them down yourself in the rainy streets of the city -- bringing the whole movie metaphor full circle.

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