Take a photo trip around Aoyama

Take a photo trip around Aoyama

Tokyo Art Beat shows off Aoyama's best post-modern architectural wonders
Aoyama architecture
The rumors of the Prada building's coming demise have been greatly exaggerated. (Photo by Flickr user d'n'c)

The good people at Tokyo Art Beat have put together a photo tour of Aoyama architecture -- in all its harsh concrete glory. As writer and photographer William Andrews shows, Aoyama is the perfect neighborhood for urban safari, as long as you love the glass, steel and colder shades of gray.

Highlights include Aoyama Technical College, which may be the perfect embodiment of Tokyo in the foreign imagination. The building looks to be stuck in a permanent state of mecha-transformation.

Harajuku Church, meanwhile, proves that even Christianity can look trendy when wrought in unadorned concrete.

Great news is that an Aoyama architecture walk can be coupled with trips to impressive art and design museums, including the Watarium, Spiral Hall and Nezu Museum. Or you can couple design-observation and shopping with a trip to Comme des Garçons.