The swine flu-proof suit goes on sale

The swine flu-proof suit goes on sale

Haruyama strikes gold by combining two things Japanese customers love: Cheap, boxy black suits and over-paranoid sickness prevention

CNN catches the special October 8 promotional sale at Haruyama's Shinjuku south exit store. The suits go on sale nationwide on October 10.

Those looking to buy a low-priced, office-ready Japanese salaryman suit usually end up at Aoki and Aoyama. But for more health-conscious consumers in need of an affordable, generic old-guy suit that fights swine flu, there is only one destination: Haruyama.

As seen in this CNN video, Haruyama's 'anti-H1N1 suit' claims to cut the chance of contracting the deadly virus by 40%, thanks to a magical combination of titanium dioxide and the sun's UV rays.

The suits cost a whopping ¥52,290, which in recent, big-box suit brand terms is like a diamond-encrusted martini. Shinjuku Haruyama customers, however, on October 8 were treated to special ¥18,900 pricing -- perhaps Haruyama's way of contributing to the health of the community.

It's as yet unclear whether the new suits will touch off a full line of disease-defying menswear, but if so, we'll be first in line for Haruyama's gout-prevention tie bars.


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