Muji Yurakucho: Mecca of 'no-name goods'

Muji Yurakucho: Mecca of 'no-name goods'

The ultimate Muji mecca
Infos Yurakucho Building 3-8-3 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku +81 (0) 3 5208 8241
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Muji Yurakucho
Muji Yurakucho has every imaginable kind of dishware as long as you want it in off-white. (Photo by Flickr user tsukasa.tanemura)

At this point, there's a Muji store in every corner of Tokyo, but any true-blue (and beige?) Muji fanatic would be well-advised to visit to the Muji Mecca: the company's flagship store in Yurakucho.

The Yurakucho super-store is the brand’s only retail space offering every single Muji item, including an indoor full-sized model of the Muji line of pre-fab homes. (Yes, it would be tempting to camp out there, munching on Muji snacks all night long, but this unfortunately is not okay.)

Visitors can also enjoy a snack at the Meal Muji cafeteria and peak at what is inspiring the company's designers in the Atelier Muji exhibition space.

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