Japanese stores offering foreigner-only discounts

Japanese stores offering foreigner-only discounts

New trend of big-league retailers trying to woo back overseas shoppers
Japanese shoppers
C’mon, fellow non-nationals. This place really loves our cash.

In the latest in a very long line of moves designed to encourage overseas tourists to return to Japan post-March 11, several major retailers have decided to offer discounts to shoppers based on the color of their passports.

According to today’s Nikkei newspaper, department-store giant Isetan Mitsukoshi is knocking off 5 percent at the register for shoppers from “China, Taiwan and other foreign markets.”

Oddly, said folk have to hold one of a selection of credit cards from their home countries, but must pay cash in Japan, as their cards won’t work when they’re overseas anyway.

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Elsewhere, popular gadget- and white-goods store Bic Camera has already kicked off a scheme to reward foreign folk snapping up waffle irons and whatnot from its shelves.

It is, apparently, separate from Bic’s longstanding point-card scheme for domestic shoppers, if you’re curious.

Finally, for now, credit-card behemoth JCB is targeting South Korean tourists in Fukuoka only, dishing out that evergreen 5 percent discount from next week until May 15.

With such fine-grain marketing in play, we fully expect before long to see buy-one-get-one-free offers for redheaded Irish folk under 150 centimeters, as long as they visit Tokyo Disneyland. Or something.

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