US$100,000 bathtub makes a splash in Ginza

US$100,000 bathtub makes a splash in Ginza

One Japanese bathroom products supplier is hoping to clean up with a precious metal-encrusted bathtub

platinum bathtub JapanOne final spit and a polish before viewing.Anyone with cash to splash can now do so on -- and in -- a new ultra-high-class bathtub available in Ginza, Tokyo. Tiling, building materials and sanitary fixtures manufacturer INAX put the Japan-sized (i.e. tiny) tub on show on August 23, with a hefty price tag of ¥7,927,500 (US$93,622).

Covered in 10 millimeter tiles of white gold the design is supposed to enhance the bathing experience. It is currently placed in an open exhibition hall designed to mimic renowned Italian architect and designer Gio Ponti. The maker INAX, though founded only in 2008, has been designing suites in Shanghai's Ritz Carlton Hotel and Macau's MGM Grand.

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