Japan turns high-def up to 11 with new world-beating display

Japan turns high-def up to 11 with new world-beating display

Sharp and NHK produce first-ever LCD screen ready for Super Hi-Vision

Sharp TV setsSee, what you’ve got here are your standard HD tellies -- tomorrow’s trash, in other words.Canny consumers still hesitant about upgrading their old TV sets to spanking new high-definition models might want to cast a glance toward Tokyo, where NHK and Sharp have unveiled the world’s first LCD screen ready for a standard that’s 16 times sharper than HDTV.

The Super Hi-Vision technology has been around since 1995, but has been limited to trials and demonstrations to date.

Get higher, baby

With the development of the new LCD screen -- a 216-centimeter whopper, if you’re asking -- the logical progression will be to incorporate it into an actual TV set that can be marketed to those of us dissatisfied with definition that’s merely “high.”

Sharp says the richness of Super Hi-Vision video beats current technology into a cocked hat.

Virtually real

“The incredibly detailed images on the giant screen will immerse the viewer in a virtual-reality-like experience,” claims the press release.

The display can support pictures with a resolution of 7,680 x 4,320, which is where the two partners get the “16 times” claim -- it’s backed up by Wikipedia, so who are we to argue?

Away from the stat-fest/micturating contest, NHK -- Japan’s state broadcaster -- says it hopes to start domestic test broadcasts by 2020, so now may by the time to start saving. Oh, and planning a move to Japan.

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