FIFT's 'wipe shirt': Clean your iPhone in style

FIFT's 'wipe shirt': Clean your iPhone in style

A Japanese husband and wife design team come up with a 21st century functional take on the white button-up shirt
wipe shirt
All the attention is on the black microfiber splotch, but let us draw attention here to the nice silhouette of the shirt itself.

Japanese husband and wife design team FIFT have offered a new product called the "wipe shirt" -- a crisp white button-up long-sleeve shirt with a small patch of black microfiber material on the shirttail or cuff for cleaning glasses and gadget screens. Never again will you have to stuff a separate wiping cloth in your pockets for dirty phone emergencies.

Katsunari and Ami Igarashi founded FIFT in 2008 and got in the news last year for their minimalist eninal wall-hanging tissue box (¥18,900) and wall-hanging magnet TRAY (¥18,900). From the looks of their website, the wipe shirt is their third product to date and first foray into fashion.

Currently on sale at e-commerce site Novelax, the wipe shirt comes in two varieties: the shirttail model (¥13,650) and the cuff model (¥13,650). Each comes in sizes S, M, L and XL, although the XL are almost gone on the shirttail version (we suspect overseas buyers!). The S size, by the way, works as a slightly loose ladies size.

Knowing small Japanese design companies, supplies of this shirt are surely limited, so if you want to pick up a wipe shirt, our advice is to order ASAP. And it's really win-win -- no more wearing that boxy dress shirt from Seiyu, no more fingerprint-covered device screens.

(Hat tip Spoon & Tamago.)

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