Comme des Garçons takes over Parco Shibuya

Comme des Garçons takes over Parco Shibuya

With the new BLACK Comme des Garçons and other stores, iconic avant-garde fashion brand makes the first floor of Parco into a labrinyth of designer apparel. You may eventually emerge but with a much lighter wallet.
BLACK Comme des Garçons
Once these black lips open and the mouth starts to speak, you will hear absolutely everything you ever needed to know about Comme des Garçons new fashion line BLACK.

Last time we checked, Rei Kawakubo's beloved fashion brand Comme des Garçons had more than a dozen separate lines. For those looking to browse a few of the more casual collections in one convenient place, the masters of avant-garde just made your life easier, bringing together their more youthful lines in central shopping building Parco Shibuya (Part One).

Adventure has always been a major element in the CdG shopping experience, and their Parco installation skillfully conveys the brand's unique sense of spatial mystery. The three separate boutiques are all arranged in CdG's typical chaotic retail design, requiring customers to weave through narrow cracks and labyrinthine curves to find their way back out to real life.

To the right of Parco's front door, the first stall of the series is for the newly-launched COMME des GARÇONS BLACK -- a lower-price monochromatic collection that echoes the materials and motifs of last year's H&M collaboration line. ("Lower-price" is obviously relative: this is still CdG.) The clothing are mostly unisex, meaning drop-crotch harem pants for everyone and skirts for adventurous Japanese boys.

The next area is a combination of Comme des Garçons Pocket, which mainly features accessories and poppy heart-mark items from the Play line, and the colorful patchwork dress shirts of Comme des Garçons SHIRT. Last but not least is the collaboration-centered and wallet-melting EYE Junya Watanabe Comme des Garçons — where a tweaked gingham check button-up from Brooks Brothers will set you back around ¥45,000. Watanabe's deconstructed Lacoste and Saint James shirts are perfect for both summer days at the beach and summer nights in the VIP areas of dance clubs.

CdG is still the paragon of good taste and cultural experimentalism, so bring your most well-designed credit card or a visually-striking bag of gilder to pay for your purchase. None of the items will have you asking which of the three sleeves are for your arms, like Comme des Garçons of yore, but any questions about the merchandise can be answered by the twenty or so staff members drifting in and out of retail maze.