Watching a movie at a cinema in Tokyo is about to get a whole lot cheaper

Watching a movie at a cinema in Tokyo is about to get a whole lot cheaper

Japan's largest movie theater chain to slash prices
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A night out in Ikebukuro's movie theaters is set to cost less.

A night out at one of Tokyo's cinemas is set to cost a whole lot less thanks to an announcement by Toho Cinemas, Ltd.

From Spring 2012 they will cut prices nationwide from the current ¥1,800 ($22) down to ¥1,500 ($18.2), while those under 18 will find even greater savings with prices dropping from ¥1,500 to just ¥1,000 ($12.2).

Toho, Japan's largest cinema operater, runs about one in five of all cinemas in Japan.

According to Japan Today, the new system will be rolled out in six prefectures first for about a year, then go nationwide.

"We hope to work out a fee system that will be reasonable for movie producers, distributors and film fans," said Toho president Takashi Nakagawa.

Despite big international premieres in Japan, such as Tron:Legacy, domestic films make up the largest part of the market, with stars such as Tadanobu Asano and Rinko Kikuchi now themselves crossing over to Hollywood productions.

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