Cut&Paste Tokyo: Graphic designers compete live on stage

Cut&Paste Tokyo: Graphic designers compete live on stage

Last year's victor Takuya Hosogane describes the rush of drawing live on stage at the digital design tournament Cut&Paste

If you never knew that graphic design could be a spectator sport, head down to Club Womb (Tel. +81 (0)3 5459 0039) in Shibuya on December 11 to witness the clash of creative juices at Cut&Paste 2010 where digital designers will draw, win or lose.

Cut&Paste, the world’s only live-action digital design competition, has come a long way since it was first held in New York City in 2005.

The competition is now conducted in 10 cities -- Tokyo, Seoul, Bangkok, Sao Paulo, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Amsterdam, London and Berlin -- with the grand finals to be held in New York on February 5, 2011. 

cut and paste digitial designThe world’s only live action digital design tournament.

In addition to creating awareness of the developments in the graphic design industry -- with the introduction of new categories such as 3D and Motion Design -- the tournament serves to uncover hidden talent, such as Tokyo’s 2009 winner, 23-year-old Takuya Hosogane.

cut and paste digitial designCut&Paste’s winner for Tokyo 2009, Takuya Hosogane.

Hosogane’s piece based on the theme “Natural Selection” meticulously synchronized sound with geometric form to clinch top place in the Tokyo round of the competition.

While the theme was made known to the contestants a week prior to the actual competition day, Hosogane went to the arena armed with just a track he wanted to use and came up with the winning motion graphic design on the spot in three hours.

cut and paste digitial designDraw, win or lose.

“My concept was to imagine what other contestants would present for this theme, and try to avoid that," he says.

"The theme was ‘Natural Selection’ so my idea was based on something not found in nature,” adds Hosogane, whose work depicts the amoebic-like multiplication of room blueprints.

A professional video jockey for the past four years, Hosogane studied economics in university and picked up the tricks of the trade by himself from the age of 15 through the Internet, books and paying attention to graphics and animation used in movies. 

“Before there was YouTube, I helped fellow students create images using Flash animation. While I was gaining experience doing this, graphic animation on the web started developing and this gave me a platform to display my work,” says Hosogane, who now creates most of his work using Adobe After Effects and Cinema4D.

cut and paste digitial designWatching design in motion.

While Hosogane’s work has gained recognition for impeccable synchronization between music and motion in design, Hosogane says he is working on the theme of conveying “tangibility in music.” 

Inspiration for Hosogane comes in the form of movies, vimeo (a video sharing website) and through daily conversations and slices of life. And of course, pure adrenaline from being under the spotlights at the Cut&Paste competition last year.

cut and paste digitial designArtists have a short time-frame to show their skills.

Describing the experience, Hosogane says, “As a VJ, I have created images under similar stressful situations, racing against time, but competing live on stage was really thrilling. Being able to compete against designers from overseas was also a great experience." 

Cut&Paste is now accepting online entries until October 15. Selected entrants will be invited to Test Rounds, which are short weekend events that serve as auditions to earn a spot on stage.

cut and paste digitial designBig screens allow the crowd in Womb, Shibuya to track the live work.

One grand prize winner from each of the 2D, 3D and Motion Design categories in each city will receive an expenses-paid trip to New York City for the Global Championships. Follow the action on twitter:

cut and paste digitial designThree levels of audience watch Cut&Paste 2009