A new weapon in Japan's war against Wi-Fi

A new weapon in Japan's war against Wi-Fi

Scientists create a paint that blocks out Wi-Fi signals, of which there aren't any in Japan to start with
Wi-Fi in Japan
Thanks to the University of Tokyo, the red guy with strong Wi-Fi can now make sure that he never altruistically provides his neighbors with access to the information superhighway.

Searching for free Wi-Fi in Tokyo is exactly like not searching for free Wi-Fi in Tokyo -- either way, you won't find it.

Tokyo appears to have thrown its 'city of the future' status to the wind and launched a war against providing any sort of free wireless communication service for the city's inhabitants.

Yet, Japanese scientists are not satisfied with Tokyo's Wi-Fi desert. They also want to salt the earth.

University of Tokyo scientists have developed an anti-Wi-Fi paint that can stop wireless signals from leaking from their source. No longer will your neighbor be able to steal your signal in order to write his elderly grandmother a birthday greeting or look up something on Wikipedia to help with his son's science fair project.

Some naysayers think that Wi-Fi paint is not as practical as say, a password, but they do not understand the critical importance of destroying all possible Wi-Fi in Japan. 

Password and paint. Whatever it takes to curb this menace of Wi-Fi stealing.