Sola Aoi goes from porn star to pop queen

Sola Aoi goes from porn star to pop queen

"I never imagined that I would sing a song professionally" explains the AV actress of her move into Mando-pop in this exclusive interview
sola aoi china music song
AV star Sola Aoi has been working in international films, theater productions and will now turn to singing.

Japanese AV (adult video) actress Sola Aoi has made her debut as a singer -- in China.

The porn actress, who has built up a sizeable following in China in recent years, released "mai yu" (毛衣/ Sweater) yesterday via Chinese mobile phone networks and PC downloads sites.

Speaking to CNNGo, Aoi said, "I read language textbooks and listened to dialog CDs on my own. As for now, nothing new has been decided, but I’m willing to do something. I think I will visit China."

The song, sung in Mandarin, was recorded over two days with the help of an interpreter.

sola aoi china music songSola says she hopes to "hold some kind of events to interact with Chinese fans."

Branching out of AV

Aoi has been branching out from the AV industry for a number of years, appearing in TV dramas such as "Shimokita GLORY DAYS" and Korean drama "Korean Classroom" in May 2009.

She has also appeared in mainstream movies "Hormones" (a Thai production in which she played a tourist) and Hong Kong thriller "Revenge: A Love Story."

Aoi has tried to launched a music career once before, releasing one J-Pop CD in 2006 titled "Hadaka no Kiss."

She also participated in TV Tokyo variety show "Onegai! Muscat" where a troupe of 25 AV stars and idols formed the Ebisu Muscats, releasing a CD of a song called "Banana Mango High School" in 2010.

sola aoi china music songAoi is brushing up on her Chinese.

A message for her fans

"I never imagined that I would sing a song professionally," says Aoi.

"But I took it as a wonderful opportunity to send out a message through the song. I’m so happy to hear that many people in China know about me. Hopefully I can hold some kind of events to interact with Chinese fans," she added.

"Mai yu" is a ballad, but Aoi added "ballads are nice, but I want to sing rock too," suggesting more releases will be coming.

Sola Aoi's popularity in China has stemmed from her Twitter site, which has amassed nearly 150,000 followers, largely from China where fans access Twitter through foreign SNS systems.

Her popularity in China began in April 2010 and her support for local victims of the Qinghai earthquake, by encouraging donations, moved many fans.

sola aoi china music songHong Kong actor Juno and Japanese actress Sola Aoi, stars of the movie "Revenge: A Love Story," attend the opening of the Hong Kong Asian Film Festival 2010.

Chinese bureau caught out

Aoi recently began a blog on Chinese site Sina with nearly 1,000,000 followers already, and this week landed Chinese police in hot water when it was revealed that a public security bureau in Dalian has been following her blog -- and her blog only, according to the Global Times.

Once discovered, the bureau quickly removed the link and began following 119 other bloggers.

An official claimed the bureau's official microblog had been somehow stolen and used by others and that they would try complaining to, the blog's host.

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