Watch Tokyo Sky Tree grow

Watch Tokyo Sky Tree grow

Tokyo Tower is no longer big enough to meet the city's broadcasting needs, so here comes an even higher tower
Tokyo Sky Tree
Tokyo Sky Tree, as of September 22, 2009, already dwarfs the surrounding buildings at just 25 percent completion. (Photo by Flickr user Yoshikazu Takada)

Tokyo Tower was once a proud symbol of the Japan's capital: Yes, we too can create something almost identical to the Eiffel Tower and price gouge tourists wanting to go to the very top.

But besides the important role as a visual landmark -- and the monumentally random wax museum (Klaus Schluze!) -- Tokyo Tower also worked to provide the city's TVs with terrestial broadcasting.

But alas, Tokyo Tower (at 333 meters) is not tall enough for transmitting digital broadcasting signals, so the city is rapidly building a new giant vertical landmark: Tokyo Sky Tree. Planned to be completed in 2011, just in time for the TV signal switchover from analog to digital, Tokyo Sky Tree will be a whopping 610 meters tall. And with a 400m long mall underneath, finally people will have a reason to go out to Oshiage.

As Asiajin blogged, we can follow the Tokyo Sky Tree construction on a live web cam -- that you are allowed to control. Just don't hog the camera all day and push it to the top left so no one can see anything.

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