Seiwa Airwasher: An atmospheric car-stink and pollen scrubber

Seiwa Airwasher: An atmospheric car-stink and pollen scrubber

Japanese personal air purifier cleans up that in-car funk via the cigarette lighter socket
Seiwa Airwasher
Seiwa’s Airwasher -- remember don't drink the water.

Stinky car drivers in Japan need no longer cruise the highways in a haze of smoke and grime after auto-goods specialist Seiwa launched its quirky Airwasher personal atmosphere scrubber (Japanese link -- English here) this week.

For ¥2,980 (US$33) owners of the FS13 Airwasher get protection from both those lingering smells car interiors can accumulate and the insidious pollen buildups that hit Japan every spring.

The Airwasher draws its power from a standard 12V lighter socket, using it to force air through a water filter that is supposed to absorb dirt and pollen particles.

When the 120ml of H2O becomes too dirty (and it will after a solid day doing its thing), all you need to do is pour it out and get a refill from the tap.

Fans of smart industrial design will also appreciate the fact that Seiwa has tailored the Airwasher to fit snugly in a car cup holder.

The Airwasher is currently available only in Japan, but Seiwa has a dedicated international sales hotline contactable by email at

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