Kim-Asada rivalry back on

Kim-Asada rivalry back on

The Olympics clearly did not settle anything in women's ice skating: At the 2010 World Championships on March 27, Mao Asada bested recent gold medalist Yu-Na Kim
Kim-Asada rivalry
Yu-Na Kim of South Korea (left) and Mao Asada of Japan (right) share the podium for the first time since the Olympics -- with their order reversed.

Revenge is sweet for Mao Asada. At the 2010 World Figure Skating Championships held on March 27 in Turin, Italy, the 19 year-old Japanese skater defeated her long-time rival Yu-Na Kim for the top prize. The triumphant victory comes less than a month after Asada's teary defeat to Kim at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

As the AP reports, Asada skated a near-perfect program, while Kim blew a jump and fell on something called a "triple salchow."

During the post-competition Q&A, Asada explained her winning performance as a result of hard work and focus. She oddly did not dedicate her medal to the guys at Japanese BBS 2ch who sustained a cyber-attack after the Olympics while over-aggressively defending her to Korean nationalists. We can safely guess, however, that this newly reheated ice skating rivalry between Kim and Asada will lead to even more online warfare between Japanese and Korean nationalists. Let the flaming and server overloads begin. 

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