The Love Plus scourge takes another life: Man 'marries' video game

The Love Plus scourge takes another life: Man 'marries' video game

Boing Boing covers the so-called "wedding" between "Sal9000" -- not his real name -- and Nene Anegasaki -- not a real person

Love Plus has been one of the biggest pop culture developments of 2009. In this hit video game for the Nintendo DS, players have to court young 2-D idols in a Tamagotchi-like process where total devotion is rewarded with a deeper relationship. Some men are taking the game very, very seriously, even dousing their console with women's perfume to enhance the experience.

Lisa Katayama of Boing Boing has been following the latest development in the Love Plus craze: A marriage between a young Japanese male player and his virtual on-screen girlfriend. Just this last weekend, there was an official ceremony between "Sal9000" and his Love Plus mate Nene Anegasaki, which was livecast on popular video site Nico Nico Douga. (Thankfully they did not broadcast the honeymoon, which we imagine would have been the typical otaku scene of self-abuse in front of an electronic screen.)

In the video, Katayama overdubs that the groom is a "man who isn't ashamed to admit he's hooked on this game." We are bummed though that this "Sal9000" character is ashamed to give his real name. We just hope he's not hiding his true identity from Nene. That could be grounds for divorce.

Clearly this whole episode is half-publicity stunt -- which we are half-wittingly assisting. Perhaps, however, Sal9000's actions may give a new hope to the stereotypically loveless otaku community. His marriage to a video game character will be a great way for him to alleviate the pain of eternal solitude -- brought on from being the guy who publicly married a video game character.

More on the honeymooners here.

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