Japan's Olympic bobsleigh goes kimonos and cherry blossoms

Japan's Olympic bobsleigh goes kimonos and cherry blossoms

Japan may not be a favorite for a medal in the two-woman bobsledding competition, but the art is sure to attract attention
Japan bobsleigh
The officials swear it's just a woman in kimono, but everyone is going to think it's a geisha.

The two-woman bobsled team of Manami Hino and Konomi Asazu made their official Vancouver Winter Olympics practice run on February 22, but the bobsleigh design ended up capturing most of the attention. The shell is covered in very 'traditional' Japanese art: cherry blossoms, Mt. Fuji and a woman in kimono who looks more or less like a geisha.

Although NBC's Olympic blog gave the Japanese team a "gold" for the design, the belligerent nerds of 2ch, are less than impressed, calling it the Olympic analog to a painted itasha car.

Judging by the comment roll, some 2ch users seem to support the Japaneseness of the bobsleigh. Others are trying to find the perfect metaphor for the bobsleigh's ugly vehicle design. One commenter corrects the initial description, "Actually it's more like a dekotora (decorated truck) than an itasha."

Hino and Asazu compete on the evening of February 23 but their bobsleigh has already successfully etched out a place in Olympic history.