In Japan, advertisements see you

In Japan, advertisements see you

CNN's Kyung Lah takes a look at the digital signage that uses facial recognition technology to display ads based on your sex and age

The only danger is that the computer systems behind these advertisements will rebel after having to look at old guys all day at trade shows.

Kyung Lah in CNN's Tokyo bureau takes a look at a new digital advertising system developed in Japan that is able to read faces and spit out information according to who is looking.

NEC's camera-attached ads can detect the gender and general age range of those passing by and then offer targeted advertisements on the screen. In the process, demographic data can be collected and provided to the advertising companies as direct feedback.

On top of basic age and gender, the technology can also tell how interested someone is in the advertising. This is just a wild guess, but we bet that the data from men will suggest more advertising with 'half-naked women.'