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Feeling blue? Good, it's working

Feeling blue? Good, it's working

JR installs blue mood lighting in a novel counter-intuitive effort to curb suicides
blue light
This is not one of the JR blue lights, but is the right color -- one that is hoped to create a 'calming' effect.

This AFP article "Tokyo train line fits anti-suicide lighting on platforms" describes the installation of blue LED panels on Yamanote Line train platforms in order to reduce suicides. Popular convention has 'blue' as the color of depression and sadness, but apparently, science has found that blue light has a 'calming effect.'

This use of mind-control against train passengers demonstrates the degree of desperation amongst Tokyo's train operators. Suicides are up in 2009 compared to years past, with train tracks -- sadly -- still one of the more popular options.

All stops on the Yamanote Line will be fitted with blue lighting by late October. The panels are only in certain parts of the platform -- not the entire area. But let's hope they work.