Video: Japan drinks -- the alcohol-free edition

Video: Japan drinks -- the alcohol-free edition

Japan’s non-alcoholic beer market is booming, with more varieties than ever, but how do they taste?

Our brave boozers W. David Marx and Matt Alt get stuck into four alcohol-free beers from Japan’s heavyweight brewers -- Asahi, Sapporo, Kirin and Suntory.

With a range of alcohol content from, well, none to none at all, Kirin Free, Asahi W-Zero, Suntory All Free and Sapporo Premium Alcohol Free duke it out to see which tastes least like a German’s bad dream.

(Via Néojaponise on YouTube)

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W. David Marx was CNNGo's initial Tokyo City Editor. His writing has also appeared in magazines such as GQ, Brutus, Weekly Diamond, and Nylon, as well as his web joural Néojaponisme.

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