Survey: Half of Japan's young bachelors just can’t find a wife

Survey: Half of Japan's young bachelors just can’t find a wife

Women aren't far behind, as unmarried numbers rocket

Japanese weddingSheesh ... at the altar already, and I’m only 47.

Adventurous 30-somethings looking for a spot of adventure, willing to pack up and move to another country and, er ... seeking a life partner to call their very own might want to turn to Japan, where a new government survey has found that more people than ever can’t find a marriage partner.

The census carried out by the Internal Affairs Ministry last year reveals that almost half of men between 30 and 34 are still single.

Changing times

That 46.5 percent of young bachelors compares with the 1950 equivalent of just eight percent and 20 percent in 1980, leading to much hand-wringing about Japan’s graying population and chronically low birthrate.

For women, the situation is almost as bad --  currently, precisely one-third of the same 30-34 age group is still unmarried.

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As the “Nikkei” newspaper points out, that’s a sharp increase of 20 percentage points over the last 20 years -- possibly the most alarming trend to be teased out from the data.

Desire remains

And it’s not as if people are choosing the single life of cup noodles and delivery pizza. A survey by the National Institute of Population and Social Security Research shows that 90 percent of singles in Japan actually do want to get married.

What’s stopping them appears to be a combination of at least two factors -- the unstable economy and their own inability to find a suitable mate.

So, if that spirit of adventure we mentioned at the beginning is still intact, it may just be time to shine up your shoes, drag a comb across your head and move to Japan to do your bit.