Sumo wrestlers get sexy and soaped-up for Subaru's new SUV

Sumo wrestlers get sexy and soaped-up for Subaru's new SUV

A raunchy car commercial gives sumo an unexpected makeover

If sumo ever needed a facelift -- in the face of its biggest scandal ever -- now is surely the time.

Step in carmaker Subaru with its SUV, the Forester, which is being advertised in Canada.

Naked flesh and soapsuds might be car commercial clichés, but, by featuring four sumo behemoths, the "Sexy Comes Standard" Subaru spot raises the hot-and-bothered stakes considerably.

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The four oversized wrestlers cavorting on the cars protect their modesty with only their mawashi, while sampling strawberries and ice cream to the tune of raunchy rocker Peaches.

It's not the first time Subaru has turned to sumo might. In a 2009 advertisement, a team of car washers cleaned up a Forester to the tune of Electric Six's, “Danger! High Voltage.”

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According to the Wall Street Journal, Subaru Canada is calling the SUV, “truly the perfect lifestyle accessory.”

After 60 seconds of the sumo man-mountains lapping up the camera, we can't help wondering if sexing up the sport might bring sumo out of the doldrums.


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