Play while you pee with Sega's 'Toylets'

Play while you pee with Sega's 'Toylets'

Trying to remove a girl's dress with your urine would normally be considered rude, if not illegal. In some of Japan's male urinals it is actively encouraged

If Sega falls further behind rivals Nintendo and Sony in the gaming world, it won't be for lack of targeting Japanese games addicts who can't stop playing -- even when relieving themselves.

Their latest product is called "Toylets" and features four games for men to be played while stood at a urinal. First previewed at a Sega convention stand back in August, the console now can be used in locations around Tokyo, including Ikebukuro and at Festival Walk in Chiba.

"Toylets" quite literally takes the piss, using the pressure and direction of players' pee to affect game play. The four games are as follows: 

  • Manneken Pis -- A basic game that tells you how much pee you peed in milliliters via a cherub urinating into a bottle in front of Mount Fuji. 
  • Graffiti Eraser -- In which you can remove graffiti from a wall with a virtual hose, the direction and pressure of which you can control.
  • The North Wind and Her -- Your pee is transformed into virtual wind which you then use to blow the dress off a buxom girl.
  • Milk from Nose -- A multi-player game in which contestants standing in a sumo ring try to force the other out by blowing milk through their noses at each other.

For images of the games, see Akihabara News.


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