Love in Japan part 2: 10 ways Japanese women mystify men

Love in Japan part 2: 10 ways Japanese women mystify men

In a twist on an earlier survey, Japanese men have their say on women's most perplexing habits
10 ways Japanese women mystify men
Not "kawaii" again!!!

Two weeks after we discovered 20 ways Japanese men mystify women, a survey by Goo, discovered by Japan Style, says that "A woman’s mind, like the winter wind, changes often," baffling men.

While Japanese women were concerned about men going on group blind dates even after they're spoken for, the guys are disturbed by the apparently irresistible reflex women have developed of group-shouting "Cute!" at every opportunity.

Other Japanese-isms, in a list that could arguably be replicated worldwide, is the ubiquity of the practice of eyebrow shaving (amongst other areas) and the current fad for fortunetelling.

Number one though, in a country that already has one of the lowest obesity levels in the world (less than 5 percent according to the World Health Organisation), is being too thin.

Top 10 things Japanese women do that mystify Japanese men

  1. Trying to get much thinner than is really necessary
  2. When one woman shouts “kawaii,” all the other women around in unison call out “kawaii.”
  3. They go to a bathroom at the same time as each other.
  4. After saying “I'll leave the choice to you,” they complain about it later.
  5. They take far too long shopping.
  6. Shave their eyebrows then draw them back in.
  7. They feel the need to put makeup on every single day.
  8. They say what they are thinking vaguely and indirectly.
  9. Crazy about fortunetelling.
  10. They have separate stomachs for sweets and desserts.


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