Love in Japan: 20 ways Japanese men mystify women

Love in Japan: 20 ways Japanese men mystify women

Japanese women reveal men's most perplexing habits in a recent survey
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Love in Japan is proving tricky for perplexed women who just can't understand their men. In a survey by Goo translated by What Japan Thinks, 1,159 respondents revealed what mystifies them the most about the opposite sex.

The Japanese dating scene throws up a few unfamiliar quirks, such as men's desire to keep attending 'go-kon' (blind date) parties with colleagues even after they have a girlfriend -- presumably justified as being there to support other single friends. Go-kons usually include three men and three women.

In a country addicted to mobile phones, texting and using emoji (face characters) for short messages is commonplace but according to number 12, men are not good at responding, leaving the girls downhearted.

Most mystifying for us though, is no. 7. Quite why Japanese men seem to feel eating a huge plate of spicy food will attract a girl is as baffling for us as it apparently is for Japanese women. It seems the quest for love in Japan is no easy game. 

Top 20 things Japanese men do that mystify Japanese women

  1. Why do they try their hardest to reel us in, but then lose interest once they land us?
  2. Why are they under the impression that women who can cook are dependable and level-headed?
  3. Why do they think it’s all over when they marry?
  4. Even when they have a partner why do they participate in go-kon dating parties just to enjoy the party?
  5. When they are with their friends why does their tough-talking increase?
  6. When they think they can meet us any time why does their priority for us over their friends drop?
  7. Why do they want to show off their manliness by trying to eat huge platefuls of spicy food?
  8. Because they don’t know the meaning of marriage, why do they insist on not marrying?
  9. Why are they afraid to ask someone when they don't understand something?
  10. Why do they ignore us by endlessly talking about themselves?
  11. Why are they unconcerned when a girl they like has them twisted around her finger so much?
  12. Why do they hardly ever reply to casual emails?
  13. Since thinning hair appeals less to women, why do they get touchy about the subject?
  14. Why do they find vulnerability cute thus like us with no make-up?
  15. Why do they always hate other guys looking at us when we wear skimpy clothing?
  16. When they go out with other male friends, why do they really not want to take us along?
  17. Why do they feel reluctant to do things they don’t like thus never tidy up?
  18. Why do they not say words of love simply because it’s embarrassing?
  19. Why do their eyes always end up on pretty girls?
  20. Why do they like slightly less attractive girls rather than sexy or pretty ones?