Cybernetic pop singer debuts in Tokyo

Cybernetic pop singer debuts in Tokyo

If you thought most pop groups today are robotic clones of each other, wait till you see this

The world of pop music is often criticized for being a factory production line of pap.

Now that sentiment can be applied literally, with the latest high-functioning Japanese robot, the HRP-4C, taking to the stage with a dance troupe, performing a routine produced by SAM from Jpop trio TRF. 

In a video by Video by K Moriyama, the catchily named HRP-4C is seen in a yellow blouse, lip-syncing "Deatta Koro no Yō ni" by Every Little Thing. It took a year to train the robot since she first wobbled out in march 2009.

The perfomance, titled "Dance Robot LIVE! - HRP-4C Cybernetic Human," took place at Tokyo's Digital Content Expo.

It seems Yokoi Kazuhito of the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology and Masaru Ishikawa of Tokyo University's IRT Laborator might have created a peter pan(ette) of pop that will never grow old.

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