Japan's corporate graveyards: When a lifetime at work isn't enough

Japan's corporate graveyards: When a lifetime at work isn't enough

For some dedicated souls, even death can't keep them away from the workplace
corporate graves in japan panasonic
Panasonic's dedicated section at Okunoin graveyard.

Feel like you're working yourself to death? No matter, in Japan even when you have passed on, you can rest eternally within a corporate graveyard to remind everyone of your dedication. 

At the Okunoin graveyard in Kansai, Japanese company giants like Panasonic and Kubota have their own designated areas for former employees to finally get some rest. Quite how many years you have to work for the company to enjoy the privilege is not clear, but perhaps the phrase "from the cradle to the grave" should be extended ... "and after that too" for these corporate souls. 

corporate graves in japan panasonicDeparted employees of Kubota get their own space too.Okunoin cemetary is dedicated to the founder of Shingon Buddhism, Kobo Daishi, also known as Kukai. According to Japan-Guide, "Instead of having died, Kobo Daishi is believed to rest in eternal meditation as he awaits Miroku Nyorai (Maihreya), the Buddha of the Future, and provides relief to those who ask for salvation in the meantime."

With Japanese working trends though, it seems as if a Google graveyard may some day be in demand.

Meanwhile, Hong Kong recently launched a social network for the dead.

For English information on the tricky journey to Okunoin, click here.


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