Flush Japanese city builds world's biggest toilet

Flush Japanese city builds world's biggest toilet

Ichihara City says its 10-million-yen open-air stall will draw tourists like flies to ...
World's biggest toilet
If you go down in the woods today, you’d better ... lock the door behind you.

Heard the one about the crazy Japanese toilets? Thought so -- in which case, let us share with you a less-tedious tale of a different kind of far-out facility, whose janitors hope it’ll turn out to be a top tourist draw.

Ichihara City in Chiba Prefecture has just flipped the switch -- or yanked the chain -- on a new public toilet it claims is the world’s largest.

Technically, it’s really a normal-sized toilet that happens to be sitting in a clear glass box on 200 square meters of open land -- it’s the somewhat daring and expansive setting that makes for the claim.

Splashing out

The ¥10 million pot is the work of architect Sou Fujimoto -- probably best known for his diaphanous Taiwan Tower design.

As for splashing out on the costly commode, Ichihara’s tourism mandarins reckon it might attract visitors, particularly during the city’s annual arts festival and spring cherry-blossom peak.

After all, those hanami-going beer drinkers will need to seek relief somewhere.

Although it’s currently open only to women seeking to spend a penny -- simply to slash demand by half -- designer Fujimoto says he’d like to see that change.

“As an architect, I'd rather prefer the toilet was used by everyone, regardless of sex,” he told the Japan Times. “That would enable more people to share the experience.”

And, in case you’re wondering, the porcelain throne and its enclosing garden are surrounded by a two-meter fence to keep prying eyes at bay.

Let’s just hope this guy doesn't wander by.

(Via Japan Times)

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