Coldplay cover to raise funds for tsunami relief

Coldplay cover to raise funds for tsunami relief

Group effort by more than 40 Music Matters artists available online now

Pierre Bouvier, Simple PlanSimple Plan’s Pierre Bouvier recorded his vocals for the track in Canada.

Almost five months on from the March 11 earthquake and tsunami that hit northeast Japan so hard, the fundraising events and charity efforts keep coming, bringing relief to those still in need. Few have been as ambitious as the contribution from the Music Matters festival, based in Singapore.

While in the city for the event in late May, more than 40 artists from 18 countries recorded a version of Coldplay’s “Fix You” to raise money for disaster relief efforts via the Japanese Red Cross and Peace Boat.

Among those giving their time for the cause are 11-year-old Japanese guitarist Yuto Miyazawa, Canada’s Simple Plan and Sixx from Singapore.

Time factor

Coldplay donated the right to use the song, while promotion is being handled by Universal Music Group.

The final track, put together in just 36 hours, also features contributions shipped in from other artists in Canada, Ireland and Japan, many of whom also appear in the supporting video you can see below.

Jasper Donat of Branded, one of the main organizers of the recording and the Music Matters festival, explained how the Asian-accented charity track came about.

“As the world’s second-largest music market and number one in the Asia Pacific region, Japan has always been an important territory for us,” he said.

“This is our chance to contribute something to help our friends in Japan.”

Making a difference

Among the musicians involved, Simple Plan’s Pierre Bouvier cited the need to inspire others. “It’s great to see that by bringing together a small group of people we can actually make a difference,” he said.

“We’re looking forward to seeing how this song inspires others to get involved in the rebuilding of Japan."

To buy the Music Matters track, search for it on music sites around Asia, including Tencent in China, MOOV in Hong Kong and SingTel in Singapore. An iTunes release will follow shortly; pricing is according to territory.