The single women of Japan love slurping ramen

The single women of Japan love slurping ramen

Survey shows women are happier to grab their noodle fix alone these days
Ramen R Us -- the soup noodles may be Chinese in origin, but Japan has taken them to its heart.
Ramen R Us -- the soup noodles may be Chinese in origin, but Japan has taken them to its heart.

Given that Japan loves surveys of people’s habits, both eating and comparing ramen habits and spuriously founded museums, what better than the latest poll by a ramen museum on the issue of who eats where?

The Shinyokohama Raumen Museum (no, that’s not a typo and yes, it is a fine, upstanding establishment) spoke to 180 women passing through its hallowed doors in February and March this year in a bid to find out their thoughts on the slippery noodle [paywall].

The astonishing result is that more human females than ever are willing to brave the once male-dominated world of boiling pork stock and char siu in a bid to slurp ramen alone.

Why the change?

Apparently, close to 30 percent get stuck in all by themselves at a regular ramen shop they like to frequent. In Japan, that’s a cultural shift of some order, considering the typically down-home/grubby nature of many noodle slingers.

The museum, which is in Tokyo’s biggest neighbor, Yokohama, suggests a lot of ramen sellers are deliberately smartening up to attract women customers. It says factors such as adding salads and side dishes to the menu help the cause, as does hiring female staff.

As for the reasons the hold-out 70 percent don't go dining at the Japanese equivalent of a truckers’ café, 19 percent say they feel pressure to gobble their food down too quickly, while 15 percent reckon ramen joints are too dirty and therefore infra dig.

Whatever your feelings on the matter, the museum has a purchasable spread on offer featuring a rainbow of ramen from the length of Japan to put them to the test.


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