Weird Japanese food #743: Spam, poop burgers

Weird Japanese food #743: Spam, poop burgers

Burger King and mad scientists clearly straining to put us off junk food

Burger King Japan Spam burgers‘Eating alone or à deux?’ BK asks. Does ‘Not at all’ work for you?Outside of World War II newsreel, that stretch of the Pacific occupied by Good Ship Hawaii and all who sail in her, there’s really only one other place or time the legendary “mystery meat” known as Spam is even close to acceptable and that’s in modern-day Japan.

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In fact, the pink goo is so well loved in Tokyo, the capital’s women are currently subject to an aggressive spam-flavored marketing campaign courtesy of fast-food giant Burger King.

Have it your way

The chain’s few Japan locations -- all in and around Tokyo -- this week began serving up mini Spam burgers called BK Bites.

Each ¥330 slice of the gelatinous gunk comes welded to a mini BLT burger in an old-school slider-like mutation.

Burger King says it’s targeting female customers who might be drawn to Spam’s low fat and calorific content. It’s not saying much about the BLT, BTW.

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To win over even more hearts and minds, from June 23 for three days, 20 lucky female customers (sorry, guys) visiting each outlet get a free BK Bite to call their very own.

Other burgers are available

While the pink meat concoction might not be to everyone’s taste, we should probably be grateful wise old BK isn’t offering its notorious Burgers Shots this time around.

Equally, let’s also give thanks that we’re not being served up this burger made from human poop -- literally -- on a plate that some Japanese scientists are getting far too excited about. Pass.