The ultimate photo guide to Japanese Kit Kats

The ultimate photo guide to Japanese Kit Kats

Flickr user Fried Toast brings together 121 pictures of rare Kit Kats to ensure Japan's pop cultural relevance for at least another decade
Japanese Kit Kat
The Kit Kat i-Stick adapts the great taste of the normal Kit Kat candy bar to the ice cream genre. (Photo by Flickr user Fried Toast)

With hundreds of insane flavor combinations available, Japanese Kit Kats have transcended their original candy bar existence to become a living metaphor for the absurdity of Japan's consumer marketplace. The economy may be sour, the tech lead may have disappeared and the population may be shrinking, but as long as there is a wasabi flavored Kit Kat, Japan can still claim a super advanced culture.

The nation therefore owes a big thanks to Flickr user Fried Toast who has collected 121 photos of Japan's rare and limited-edition Kit Kats for the world's viewing pleasure. This photo gallery is so complete that we suspect Nestlé executives probably check it out when they have to piece together their corporate history. 

Fried Toast's photo reel goes way beyond the normal eccentricities of mango and salt caramel Kit Kats to discover kiwi, "Muscat of Alexandria," a McDonald's McFlurry tie-up and a rare "Midnight Eagle" promotional pack (for the 2007 Japanese action film "Midnight Eagle," of course).

There are also great mysteries that appear when the flavors are all lined up: Is there a difference between the "Blueberry Fromage" flavor and the "Blueberry Cheesecake"? How much more berry is in "Double Berry" vs. "Triple Berry"? One more berry?

We are grateful for this collection, but we have to admit, there are some Japanese Kit Kats we don't want to meet in real life. Soy sauce flavor? Gimme a break.