Tokyo next in line for invasion of the cupcakes

Tokyo next in line for invasion of the cupcakes

The fast-spreading cupcake craze has Japan firmly in its sights

Green-tea cupcakesNostalgic, single-serving cupcakes -- coming soon to a Tokyo bakery near you.If you follow food blogs or have been Stateside recently, you probably know that America is in the grip of a cupcake craze.

You may even know that said craze appears to be spreading as far as Tokyo -- a place that values its sweets if ever there was one.

Bakeries specializing in these just-for-one treats have been gradually appearing here and there in the capital, whipping up confectionary concoctions far more advanced than the humble cupcakes you remember from grade school.

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Although Japanese aficionados know there are a handful of shops around Tokyo, like Bella's in Minami Aoyama and Notting Hill Cakes in Jiyugaoka, the craze has yet to hit full swing here, but that might be about to change.

Magnolia Bakery, the cupcake maker of “Sex and the City” renown, has announced this week that it is going to sell franchises overseas and Tokyo is one of the markets it’s eyeing.

Cookie-cutter recipe

Owner Steve Abrams says the Magnolia crew has already prepared manuals, recipe books and other training aids to make sure the new outlets differ very little from the original Manhattan store.

Ever savvy, though, he plans on making regional variations like green-tea cupcakes for stores in Japan.

It will be some time until the doors actually open here in Tokyo, but local fans are already salivating in anticipation. Well, at least this one is.

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