Stuff yourself for free at Japan's Burger Kings

Stuff yourself for free at Japan's Burger Kings

Bottomless burger bucket on offer to hungry, hungry Whopper lovers
Burger King Whopper
Have it your way: Again and again and again ...

Some days, it’s undeniable that there’s little more satisfying than a sizzling slab of meat in a bun, so why not rock up to one of Japan’s 37 Burger King stores and double down with the company’s gluttonous eat-all-you-can Whopper offer?

For two weeks from November 1, the flame-grill specialist will let anyone unsatisfied with just one Whopper (661 calories, BTW) grab a second for free. And a third, fourth and fifth if there’s room.

Limited offer

The only requirement on the “B”iKing campaign -- it’s a play on words with the Japanese term for buffet -- is that customers buy an ¥860 set meal before tucking into the freebies.

After that, every Whopper downed saves on the ¥420 price tag. Still, with BK’s generosity stretching to just 30 minutes of gobbling, no one’s going to go too far overboard.

Keep ‘em coming

Burger King Japan says when it ran the same scheme last year, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

“Now we want to make our customers even more satisfied,” said a company spokesperson. “So if they are not full after one Whopper, they can keep coming back.”