Aronia de Takazawa

Aronia de Takazawa

In honor of Japanese tea ceremony, we only accept two tables per evening
2/F, Sanyo Akasaka Bldg, 3-5-2 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 03 3505 5052
Open daily, 6-9 p.m. (last order)
Payment Methods:
American Express
Aronia de Takazawa
A priceless Italian tile? Or Aronia de Takazawa's colorful ratatoiulle?

One of the most exciting young chefs working in Tokyo, Yoshiaki Takazawa stages a one-man show every night.

His show-stopping dish is a “ratatouille” of 12 different vegetables pressed into a crunchy mosaic-like terrine.

A single fermented black bean lends a note of umami gravitas to the meal, which includes a creamy yin-yang of cool yellow and white corn soup surrounding a warm mound of kegani crab and nest of shredded pastry presented as a deconstructed crab croquette.

Hospitality is the cornerstone the Aronia de Takazawa experience.

Based on the concept of tea ceremony, the restaurant accommodates only two tables per evening. Takazawa prepares the food, chooses the wine and serves the dishes. 

While the restaurant’s style and presentation have generated attention, our panel agreed that the creative cuisine lives up to the surrounding flash.

“The tasting menu is balanced and skillfully paced; proper consideration of flavor, texture and temperature has been given in the selection of each dish,” says Tokyo food expert Melinda Joe.

Joe also raves about a new dish called Autumn Colors, which consists of rare-in-the-center slices of guinea fowl and white liver beneath a scatter of fried beets, pink turnips and yellow potatoes cut into the shapes of leaves.

"It’s delicious and tinged with melancholy, precisely the way we feel about autumn," Joe says.